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Skis and Pizza: Why you'll find Signature, Semi-Custom and Fully Custom Skis on our menu

by Seneca Boards October 28, 2016

How do you like your pizza?

You might think that buying skis and ordering a pizza don’t have much in common (except for how amazing a hot slice tastes after a long day of skiing). But we’ve come to realize that explaining our ski buying options by comparing them to the pizza ordering process actually makes a lot of sense and helps illustrate exactly what you get with each one, whether it’s our Signature Ski, Semi-Custom Ski or Fully-Custom Ski.

Seneca Signature Skis

Seneca Signature Skis

Let’s start with our Signature series of skis. You can think of these as the pizzas available right off the menu and at our shop the main menu has three choices and that’s it. When you look a little closer at these three though, you’ll see that each one is made with only the best ingredients, using recipes that have been tweaked and tested over and over again through the years.

We like to think that we offer a little something for everyone with our Signature skis, even with only three options. Our Freeride Ski is the widest coming in at 115 underfoot and is great for powder and jumps. It also happens to be one of our customer favorites. The All-Mountain Ski is the narrowest at 98 underfoot and is designed for a wide variety of Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest conditions. No matter what the weather, this ski is a go-to all-around option.

And finally, we have our Backcountry Ski which we designed to come right in between the other two at 110. Some people might argue that our Backcountry model should be the widest of the three but we really wanted to make a ski that could hold its own in both the backcountry and frontcountry – a ski driven by performance first, and reduced in weight second. So, whether you’re a die-hard backcountry skier looking for a ski that will get you in and get you out, or you love exploring the mountains on weekday solo trips as much as you like skiing with your kids at Bridger on the weekends, this is the ski for you.

You can find more photos and the exact dimensions of each of our skis here and check back on the blog for a more in-depth write up of each one coming soon.

Seneca Semi-Custom Skis

Seneca Semi-Custom Handmade Skis

Maybe you’re more of a “build-your-own pizza” kind of shopper. Then our Semi-Custom Ski might be just what you’ve always wanted. Pick and choose from a set list of ingredients until you find the combination that fits your skiing needs. This is similar to what a lot of other companies call their “Full Custom Skis”. Only our pick-and- choose goes beyond what you’ll find anywhere else.

We build our skis using modular molds instead of one solid mold for each ski shape. This allows you to pick not only the shape of your skis but also the tip profile and the tail profile (in addition to the core, topsheet, and flex). So suddenly your options have grown exponentially compared to what they would be if we were using solid molds. Because there are so many different ingredients on our menu, the odds are that even with a Seneca Semi-Custom Ski you will be getting skis that no one else has and they really will be tailored to your needs.

Seneca Fully-Custom Skis

Now that you’ve heard about our semi-custom ski process you might be wondering what else we could possibly add to that. Let’s get back to that pizza we were talking about earlier. Imagine that you look at the menu and the three options that are on there aren’t quite what you’re looking for. So you look at the build-your- own option and you like a lot of the ingredients but you really had your heart set on sourdough pizza crust and lamb sausage, only we don’t have those on the list. With our fully custom option that’s not a problem! We’ll go make a special batch of sourdough pizza dough just for you. Heck, we’ll even harvest the wheat and grind the flour ourselves if we need to. Then we’ll search high and low to find the best Montana raised lamb we can and mix it with the perfect ingredients to make you the most mouthwatering sausage you could imagine. Now apply that philosophy to skis and you’ve got our Fully-Custom option.

When we say Fully-Custom Skis we mean exactly that - fully-custom. Built for you and only you to match your skiing ability, your body type, your preferred conditions, and let’s not forget, your personal style. Each pair of Fully-Custom Skis also comes with your choice of custom graphics.

We all know that you shouldn’t really pick a ski just based on what it looks like, but let’s be honest, a lot of times we do. And a lot of times we end up with skis that aren’t right for us. Now you can have the exact look you’ve always wanted on a ski that is perfect for you. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So, what’s it going to be for your next pair of skis: straight off the menu, build-your- own, or sky’s-the- limit?

You don’t have to decide right now – we offer a free custom ski consultation. We’ll sit down with you for 30 mins, guide you through the process and talk in detail about the conditions you ski in, what you like and dislike about current/past skis, and then finish with what we think is the perfect ski for you! You can use this to help you choose the perfect off-the-rack signature ski, or see how close your full custom option is to a semi-custom choice, or simply pay a deposit and we'll have a full custom ski for you in several weeks.

Still have questions about what we do? Don’t hesitate to drop by the shop in Bozeman, Montana or get in touch with us through the website or on social media.

Seneca Boards
Seneca Boards


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