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Handcrafted in Bozeman, MT, USA   


Sustainably handcrafted custom skis.


Skiing is our way of life.There is nothing we love more than skiing, except our families. The builders, designers, and skiers at Arête include high level racers, backcountry addicts, industrial design CAD professionals, fully certified ski bums, and world class ski technicians, who make, take, and test our gear all over the Northern Rockies, in Canada, Alaska, and even as far south as New Zealand. Building our own gear, and creating the perfect product for friends, family, and clients, is our obsession.

For us, that has meant fighting hard to stay small. The process of building something unique, and just for you, doesn’t lend itself to large manufacturing numbers. Building relationships takes time. We take the time to do things right, inspect every pair, and give back to the sport that gave us so much.

Made in Montana. Made in America.

We handcraft our skis from start to finish in Bozeman, Montana. We employ local skiers, outfit local skiers, and test our products on local slopes. Ski factories should support ski towns, because ski towns support skiers.

We hand-select each and every piece of wood we use, choosing only from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified hardwoods are ethically grown, sustainably harvested, and ultimately biodegradable, so they’re easier on people, forests, landfills, and how we sleep at night.

We cut 20–40% of the usual plastic from our skis, replacing it instead with FSC-certified hardwoods. That means less plastic in the landfill, a livelier rebound in the sidewall, and the biggie: about a pound of weight savings in every pair.