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Why Custom?

The Arête approach is about crafting a ski around the individual skier. We didn’t invent this idea, we are simply bringing this technology to you.

Top level racers have always had big ski companies to build skis around them. That isn’t because the skis are somehow faster, it is because custom skis enhance how you carve, float, and sometimes fly.

We believe a design built around your specific needs, skills, and limitations, will make skiing more enjoyable and allow you to reach your own potential on the hill. We customize the shape, the core, the flex, tip profiles, tail profiles, base materials, and topsheets so you can ski the way you want to.

The Promise

Our commitment is simple, if you don’t love your new skis, we’ll replace them until we get it right.

Custom Skis

Like nothing you’ve ever skied before.
(Unless you already have your own personal ski crafter.)

Combining the highest quality materials and technology to play to your strengths.