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Do I need to visit the factory to get my custom skis dialed?

If you can’t make it to Bozeman, no worries. A phone conversation and the magic of UPS will get the job done. Schedule a call here.

Can I purchase my skis at the shop?

Yes, please. We’re building skis from 10am–6pm Monday­­–Friday at 2104 N. Rouse Avenue in Bozeman. We want to give you our full attention, so give us a call and we’ll be ready. If scheduling ahead isn’t possible, you are always welcome to stop by the shop.

Will I have final say before you start building my custom skis?

Yes. We will not begin production on your skis until we’ve gotten your approval and deposit.


Which payment types do you take online? In the shop?

We take all major credit cards both on this site and in our shop, as well as cash and local checks in the shop.

When is my card actually charged?

Payments are processed within 24 hours.

How does the deposit work for my custom skis?

We begin production once we receive your non-refundable 50% deposit. You’ll pay the second half (as well as any needed shipping) once the skis are finished. We’ll email you an online payment option, or stop by the shop to square up and get your skis.

Why is my custom ski deposit non-refundable?

Once we start building these skis, they won’t fit any other skier but you. The deposit is a retainer to cover the materials lost if you decide against your custom skis, but we won’t charge you the final 50%.


Can I pick my skis up at your factory in Bozeman?

Yes, this is the best and most economical option. You’ll save on shipping and we’ll get to meet you. Please stop by 2104 N. Rouse, between 10am–6pm Monday–Friday. We will coordinate your most convenient pick up time via a phone call or email.

I’m nowhere near Bozeman! Which states can you ship Arête skis to?

We ship to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We’re happy to ship them to your ski destination, if that’s helpful.

How much does shipping cost?

We can calculate exact shipping based on your info, but regular UPS ranges from $30-$80.

Which countries can you ship Arête skis to?

We can offer international shipping to most countries and are happy to do so!
We can offer limited international shipping, international shipping incurs customs and tariff fees depending on the country. Since our skis are a product containing wood, certain countries may not allow importing. We will research your specific country’s customs, tariff, and import policies to ensure the shipment is possible. Keep in mind international shipping is considerably more expensive on large items such as skis. For many of our customers, it’s well worth it for a pair of custom skis.

Are your shipments insured?

Yes, we insure for the full value of your custom skis. Full coverage under UPS is fully covered for loss or damage, only weather related delays are not covered by the insurance coverage.

What shipping companies do you use?

We mostly ship UPS, except under special circumstances.

Can you deliver my skis to a U.S Post Office?

We can shipped to post offices, hotels, PO Boxes and retail locations for our customers. If special circumstances apply, please contact us with your needs and we will accommodate them.

How long will it take to receive my skis, after I order them?

Skis ship out of our factory within in 24 hours of completion...Please allow up to a week for domestic, lower 48 delivery. Also note: UPS and other major mail carriers are overwhelmingly busy around holidays, so plan for extra time.

Is rush delivery possible?

Yes, we can accommodate any needs you may have.

How do you pack my skis?

All skis are plastic wrapped upon completion, tips and tails wrapped in protective foam, and packed in a certified shipping box.


What is the warranty on my skis?

We hand build every pair of our skis to the highest structural and quality control standards. See above regarding Our Promise, but we keep it simple: satisfaction or your money back.

Usual wear and tear from skiing, improper storage or transport is not covered under our warranty. Major cosmetic damage is not covered by warranty but we will be more than happy to refinish your side walls and top sheets if you choose to send them in for their annual full tune up.

If you’ve taken good care of your skis and find something you think we’ve missed, we definitely want to know about it. Please get in touch and we’ll make things right.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Your custom skis are one of a kind and will not perform for anyone but you. For this reason, returns and exchanges are not possible. Buying a new pair of skis is always a good investment. If you buy our skis, please consider it a serious purchase. We do.

I need to cancel my unshipped order—what now?

Once you have reviewed and approved your custom ski design we immediately go into production. After your approval and production starts, there will not be a refund. If there are extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us, however your retainer payment is nonrefundable.


How is an Arête skis tune different from a shop tune? How much does it cost?

For starters, you’ll have the same people who built your skis tuning your skis. We take tunes almost as seriously as ski building, because they’re crucial to how the ski performs. A bad tune can ruin your experience on a good pair of skis. All of our tunes are are hand tunes, we are not just running your skis through a machine. Our tunes go beyond the typical grind, including refinishing your wood sidewalls and topsheets, repairing any base damage, and adding a precision stone grind. Basically every time we do a full tune on your skis they will be returned to you in as close to brand new condition as possible.

We share tuning equipment with Pepi Culver, former ski technician for the US Ski Team and current Norwegian Ski Team.

Cost: $100 + shipping both ways (or drop off and pick up in Bozeman).

We recommend having your skis tuned regularly, we absolutely recommend our annual overhaul and full tune. Please bring your skis in immediately for any major base or edge repairs. Regular tuning, waxing and base maintenance considerably adds to the longevity of any ski. Our ski techs tuning, waxing and repairing your skis have 15+ years of professional hand tuning and repair experience.

Can I ship my skis to Arête skis for tuning and repairs?

Yes, we encourage customers to bring their skis in as often as possible, and to ship them to us at least once a year for their annual overhaul and full tune. ($100 plus shipping both ways). Please save the box your skis were shipped in so you can mail them back easily.

What are your recommended bindings?

We can always offer suggestions based on proper binding fit for you, considering ski style, application and DIN specifications. Please call or email us for any recommendations or information.

Where are your recommended mounts?

All of our skis will ship with a mounting mark or instructions for the length and where they should be mounted.